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Premium Door latches for commercial and residential use

Door Latch: Unlocking Security and Convenience

At Trillium, we understand the importance of door latches in ensuring the security and functionality of your spaces. Our Door Latch Solutions provide a comprehensive range of options to secure your doors, whether for door latches locks, door knobs with latch, door padlock latch, and mortise latch. From traditional door latches to high-security systems, we have the perfect solution for your door security latches needs.

Our Door Latch Solutions

We offer various door latches. Our comprehensive Door Latch range includes:

Door Latch Installation and Repair

Door Lock and Knob Latch

We offer expert installation and repair services for door lock latches, ensuring your doors lock securely. Ensure your door knobs operate smoothly with our latch repair and replacement services.

Security Door and Mortise Latch

Enhance your security with our security door latch installation and repair. Install and repair mortise latches for added door security.

Padlockable and Lever Action Door Latch

Secure your doors with padlockable latches for protection. Ensure smooth operation and security with our lever action door latch installations.

Drive-in Latch Door Knobs

Upgrade your door hardware with drive-in latch door knob installations and hardware door latch.

Commercial and Industrial Door Latch

Keep your business secure with our commercial door latch solutions. Secure your industrial spaces with our industrial door latch services.

Commercial Door Latch Parts and Bathroom Latches

We provide various commercial door latch parts for maintenance and repair. Keep your commercial bathrooms secure with our commercial bathroom latch solutions.

High-Security Latches

Lock Door and Security Latches

Enhance your security with high-quality lock door latches. Choose from various high-security door latches to safeguard your premises

Locker Latch and Key System

Ensure the security of your lockers with our locker latch installation and repair. Implement advanced latch key systems for controlled access to your spaces.

Door Latch Accessories

Padlock Latches for Doors

Upgrade your door latches with padlock latches for door options.

Door Latches and Locks

Find a wide range of door latches and locks to meet your security needs.

Lever Action Door Latches

Choose from our selection of lever action door latches to suit your style and security preferences.

Latch Sets for Doors

Install new latch sets for doors to improve their functionality and security.

Replacement Door Latches

We provide a wide range of replacement door latches for various types of doors.

Your key to secure and functional doors

For all your door latch needs, contact Trillium. We are here to ensure that your doors lock securely and operate smoothly. Your security and convenience are our top priorities. Whether you need installation, repair, or high-security options, we're here to serve you. Your security and convenience are our top priorities.

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