3 Items Schools Need During the Era of COVID-19

3 Items Schools Need During the Era of COVID-19

It’s time to go back to school - and in 2020, this season requires even more thought and planning than usual. School districts and universities must strike a balance between staying within a limited budget and making PPE purchases that will help keep students, faculty, and administration safe. We have compiled a limited list of budget-friendly PPE and sanitization items to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. 
by Julie Domey on August 06, 2020
How Do I Choose the Right Sneeze Guard?

How Do I Choose the Right Sneeze Guard?

Sneeze guards are an important tool in the fight against COVID-19 -- however the materials, shapes & sizes available can be overwhelming. We lay out the important factors for you to consider to help choose right sneeze guards for your business.
by Julie Domey on July 28, 2020
hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer stands, USA made hand sanitizer stands

USA Made Hand Sanitizer Stands Now Available

TrilliumNow is excited to announce that we now have USA...
by April Awe on June 24, 2020
countertop sneeze guard, desk sneeze guards, sneeze shields, CDC recommends sneeze guards, COVID-19

CDC Recommends Sneeze Shields and Sneeze Guards to Fight COVID-19

America is on the comeback. State-by-state, governors are loosening up...
by April Awe on May 21, 2020
sneeze guards, sneeze shields, countertop sneeze guard, sneeze guard for nail salon

What is a sneeze guard?

2020 has been a whirlwind for the United States of...
by April Awe on May 18, 2020
face shield, face mask, plastic face shield, face guard, face protection

Face Shields As the New Norm?

Learn more about reusable face shields and how they can be a big benefit to you during this time in history. Face shields are a great way to protect yourself and others as a part of your social distancing plan.
by Julie Domey on May 09, 2020



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