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Spend $100 Ship For Free! $10.25 Shipping For Orders Under $100


Residential and commercial door knobs

Door Knob: Open the Door to Style and Security

At Trillium, we believe that every door should be a gateway to style, security, and convenience. Our Door Knob Solutions are designed to enhance your home or business's functionality, aesthetics, and safety. Whether you're looking for residential bathroom door knobs with push button lock and build com door knobs or commercial assa abloy door knobs and bulk door knobs and hinges, we have an extensive range of options to suit your needs.

Our Door Knob Solutions

We offer a diverse range of affordable door knobs. Our comprehensive Door knob range includes:

Residential Door Knobs

2 1/8 Backset Door Knob

We offer a variety of door knobs with the standard 2 1/8 backset door knob to fit your interior and exterior doors.

5 Backset Door Knob

Explore our range of door knobs to accommodate a 5 backset door knob.

Black Door Knobs and Hinges in Bulk

Elevate your interior with black door knobs and hinges in bulk and hinges available in bulk quantities.

Combination Door Knobs

Enjoy the convenience of an always locked door knob and combination door knob for added security.

Commercial Door Knobs

Commercial Door Knobs

Secure your business premises with our high-quality commercial door knobs.

Cylinder Door Knobs

Enhance your commercial security with cylinder door knobs designed for easy key access.

Deadbolt and Door Knob Set

Simplify your security solutions with a combination of deadbolts and door knobs.

High-Security Door Knobs

For the utmost security, choose from our high-security code lock door knobs.

Keyless Entry Door Knobs

Keyless Entry Door Knobs

Modernize your home or office with keyless entry door knobs for ease of access.

Keypad Entry Door Knob

Secure your property with keypad door knobs, providing keyless access with passcodes.

Door Knob Installation and Repair

Door Knob Installation Near Me

Trillium's experts are available for professional door knob installation near me services.

How to Unlock a Door Knob

If you're locked out, our skilled technicians can help unlock your door knob.

Replace Door Knobs

Whether you're upgrading or replacing old door knobs, our services are available.

Security Door Knobs

Security Door Knobs

Protect your home or business with security door knobs equipped with advanced locking mechanisms.

Privacy Lock Door Knob

Enjoy privacy and peace of mind with privacy lock door knobs.

Keyed Door Knobs

Enhance your security with door knobs that come with keys.

Open the door to style and security with Trillium

Choose Trillium for a wide range of door knob solutions that combine style and security. Whether you need residential or commercial options, keyless entry, or professional installation, we have the perfect door knob. Your satisfaction and security are our primary concerns. Contact Trillium today to enhance your property's security, style, and convenience.

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