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Classroom Lock


Classroom Door Lock for classroom Security

Classroom Locks: Securing Knowledge, Protecting Futures

At Trillium, we understand that education is the foundation of our future. Keeping students, teachers, and staff safe is important. Our Classroom Locks service offers the ideal solution for securing classroom doors effectively. Whether you want to understand the difference between storeroom and classroom locks or need to install classroom function locks, Trillium has you covered.

Our Classroom Lock Solutions

Our Classroom Locks come with several solutions that make them a perfect choice for many:

Classroom Function Locks

Classroom Lock Function

Ensure the safety of students and staff with classroom function locks that provide a secure environment.

Lock Block for Classroom Doors

We offer lock blocks for classroom doors to reinforce security and prevent unauthorized access.

Choosing the Right Classroom Lock

Learn about the differences between storeroom and classroom locks to make an informed choice for your educational facility.

Storeroom Lock vs Classroom Lock

Storeroom Lock

Storeroom locks are always locked from the outside, making it ideal for securing storage rooms, janitorial closets, or areas that require constant security.

They don't require a key to open from the outside. The inside lever operates the latch for exit. Often used in conjunction with exit devices, such as panic bars or push paddles, to ensure quick egress during emergencies.

Use Cases

  • High Security
  • Unrestricted Exit

Classroom Lock

Classroom locks can be locked and unlocked by a key from the outside, providing teachers with control access. They feature an inside knob that allows quick exit without a key.

Classroom locks offer privacy and control over who can enter the room while allowing those inside to exit without a key.

Use Cases

  • Educational Settings
  • Privacy and Safety

Making the Right Choice

To determine whether a storeroom lock or a classroom lock is right for your specific needs, consider the following:

  • Security Requirements
  • Access Control
  • Emergency Exit
  • Usage Environment

Your trusted partner in classroom security.

We are dedicated to securing educational environments, protecting knowledge, and ensuring a brighter future. Your safety and the safety of those you care about are our top priorities. Whether you need classroom function locks, lock blocks for classroom doors, or want to understand the difference between storeroom and classroom locks, we're here to help. Your safety and the protection of future generations are our primary concerns.

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