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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Interior Barn Door Slides

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Interior Barn Door Slides

Interior sliding barn doors may take their name from rustic barn gates, but this efficient design trend doesn't just apply to rustic or farmhouse chic homes. Barn doors can go anywhere in a home—there's even plenty of interior barn door inspiration out there to demonstrate that. Read on to understand why installing one in your own home might benefit, as well as see different uses people have used sliding barn doors in nearly all rooms within their residences.

As part of your home remodeling effort, it's essential that you give careful consideration to which doors to use in its interior. Although doors may often go overlooked during a remodeling project, interior door choices have the power to drastically transform its overall aesthetics and feel. When selecting doors for your remodeling efforts, it is wise not to rush your decision-making; instead, consider sliding barn doors benefits. These beautiful yet versatile options have quickly become popular amongst homeowners due to their ability to bring beauty and function to almost any space! Here are just a few reasons to add them:

What Are Interior Barn Door Slides?

Interior barn door slides are doors that move along an attached rail above them on their tracks to the wall above, easily passing over furniture or frames of pictures and making use of limited spaces more effective. Barn doors offer homeowners space-saving alternatives when remodeling their homes, taking up less floor area than swinging doors while remaining flat against walls—ideal for bathroom entryways!

Benefits of Installing Interior Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn door hardware provides the ultimate space-saving solution in rooms where standard hinged doors take up too much room—and are more dignified than accordion or bifold options!

Provide Versatility

Consider these doors multitaskers; they can make any room more open (or closed off) while adding decor value. Doors like these can be installed anywhere: bathrooms, kitchens, closets, laundry rooms, and bedrooms are just a few examples where doors could add something different and functional.

Barn door hardware may present some privacy challenges; their gaps allow more noise through than traditional doors do, and they lock differently, but for the most part, they help maximize small rooms or divide large ones more effectively. Open floor plans have become popular recently; sliding barn doors give open plans the flexibility to be both open and more sectioned off depending on circumstances.

Create a Design Statement

Interior sliding barn doors not only increase space efficiency, but they can also serve as an elegant design statement, adding color or character. Glass barn doors bring a contemporary sheen to any room; adding colorful doors brings more opportunities to showcase color in every corner of a room.

Rustic barn doors can help elevate any space to farmhouse chic territory, while double barn doors add drama. Whatever statement needs to be made in any given room, a barn door kit will add to it.

Bathroom Barn Doors

Barn door hardware makes an excellent option when working with limited bathroom space, especially when dealing with limited entryways. Instead of opening inward like conventional bathroom doors do, barn doors slide horizontally, taking up much less room in your space than regular interior door options do. Plus, they add an understated charm that works equally well, whether your aesthetic leans more farmhouse chic or more modern!

Glass Barn Doors

Glass barn doors are popular for two reasons. First, they provide lots of natural lighting—more than windows or skylights can do! Second, they create the illusion of space, as other areas of your house can see into any given room from different parts. Thirdly, glass barn doors still allow privacy in this closed-off environment when making phone calls or watching movies without disturbing others within your household.

Double Barn Doors

Double barn doors make an elegant focal point and serve a practical purpose: closing off one space from another. For example, hosting intimate dinner parties at home with double barn doors can create an intimate and more cozy environment for dining guests.

Mirrored Barn Doors

Mirrored barn doors may be one of the more expensive barn door options available; however, they provide many advantages for small rooms. Mirrored barn doors help create the illusion of more space while reflecting natural light into any given area; this feature especially benefits poorly lit spaces.

Colorful Barn Doors

As with an accent wall, colorful barn doors can bring much-needed color into any room. Think of them as statement pieces; similar to large murals, they will draw visitors' eyes towards an eye-catching focal point in your room.

Modern Barn Doors

Barn doors often conjure images of farmhouse-esque or rustic decor, but you don't have to settle for this stereotype when selecting your barn door kit! Instead, opt for modern pieces featuring straight architectural lines, raw materials like bamboo flooring, or monochromatic colors for an updated aesthetic.

Rustic Barn Doors

Rustic barn doors feature an organic look inspired by nature—think knotted wood grain patterns, unfinished surfaces, and other organic features—often making the door appear aged over time. Cedar, walnut, and teak wood varieties are popular choices when selecting rustic barn door materials.

Bedroom Barn Doors

Adding an attractive sliding barn door as an auxiliary partition between your bedroom and ensuite can give the sleeping area greater definition without taking up additional space. They serve both design purposes while offering great aesthetic value; this way, your sliding barn door adds visual interest while serving practical functions simultaneously!

Laundry Room Barn Doors

Laundry becomes much more satisfying when done in an enjoyable space, such as a barn door hardware kit. No need for propped open doors when working—simply slide open when necessary so no one's the wiser about piles left unattended! Once finished with laundry work for the day, simply slide them closed so no one knows your dirty laundry was there in need of attention!

Wrap Up

Barn doors add instant beauty and charm to any home, providing warmth and comfort that other door styles just cannot. Furthermore, barn doors with hardware come in various designs, colors, styles, materials, and dimensions, so you're bound to find one suitable to the aesthetic of your newly designed space. Be it rustic charm or sleek and modern elegance, there will likely be at least one  barn door hardware kit option that meets all of your requirements.

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