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Spend $100 Ship For Free! $10.25 Shipping For Orders Under $100
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Face Shields As the New Norm?

Over the past several weeks we have had people order plastic latex free face shields in large quantities. In addition to helping fight viruses by blocking air particulates, it's way more comfortable than an N95 or other cloth mask. Whether you are working or simply grocery shopping, a face shield is crystal clear and allows you to breath much easier without sweating around your mouth and nose. 

Originally our goal was to sell face shields to medical professionals, businesses, and those on the front lines in the fight against the world pandemic, but we were quickly surprised that all kinds of people began buying them. We have had people buy face shields for everyday purposes such as grocery shopping, walking their dog, or other activities in addition to social distancing protocols.

A few key benefits to face shields instead of face masks are below:

  • Comfort - Face shields are simply more comfortable to wear. You can easily move around and get your tasks completed without sweating and breathing hot air all over yourself.
  • Visibility - the latex free face shield is fog resistant and crystal clear. 
  • Easy to Clean - unlike a cloth mask, you can clean your face shield with warm, soapy water and reuse it your liking.

A helpful article that we found recently written by New York Times journalist Knvul Sheikh titled: "You're Getting Used to Masks. Will You Wear a Face Shield?"

The best part of the article is the common sense reality it points out: you can wash and reuse face shields but N95 masks or other surgical masks are created for single use purposes. Face shields have been around for a long time and used in surgical applications to protect the eyes and face of the doctor. Sheikh points out how Dr. Sherry Yu who is a dermatology resident affiliated with Brighams and Women's Hospital in Boston that: "The nice thing about face shields is that they can be resterilized and cleaned by the user, so they're reusable indefinitely until some component breaks or cracks." That a simple alcohol wipe or rinse with soap and hot water is all it takes for the face shields to be contaminant-free again. Ms. Sheikh and Dr. Yu are right and for the full article, please click here.

If you are looking for reusable face shields, please consider the TriShield. Our face shield is 100% made in the USA and supports American jobs. We do not import any of our products from foreign supply chains. Our goal is to help US workers stay employed by providing a variety of face shields, sneeze guards, sanitizers, and cleaners. You can order packs from a single face shield up to 100 units by clicking here. Don't forget your code below!

To order your face shields of any quantity, use code NOW10 for 10% off your entire order. Also, enjoy free shipping!

Thank you and stay safe by using your TriShield reusable face shield.

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