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can smart door locks be hacked

can smart door locks be hacked

Popular in smart homes, smart door locks with handles are trendy and simple to operate. Traditional key locks have been replaced with them. A best smart door lock works by using software to let you lock and unlock the doors with the touch of a button, an app, a key fob, or even your voice. Smart door locks are mostly used by people to make their homes more secure. You'll want to ensure that your smart door lock provides the security you need. Specifically, you might wonder if smart door locks can be hacked?. We'll explain whether that's possible including pros and cons.

Can a Hacker Hack a Smart Door Lock?

Yes! Like other wireless technologies, smart door locks can be hacked. Because they're mechanical devices, they don't offer 100% security. Best smart locks use wireless connections that are digitally programmed to work. When smart door locks are hacked, it's often the wireless software connection that's targeted. The physical lock itself is usually secure unless it's physically damaged. Hackers typically exploit weaknesses in the wireless connection to access the lock. Therefore, the communication between the lock and its controlling device may not always be fully secure.

How Smart Door Locks Can Be Hacked? Different Ways to Prevent Hacking

There are different ways to hack smart door locks. Some involve using advanced technologies to retrieve security information like passwords from the lock. Similarly, there are ways to protect locks from being hacked.

Now, let's get into it!

  • A hacker might use a Bluetooth sniffer, such as Bleno or Ubertooth One, to hack your smart lock. These devices can intercept and decode encrypted data, especially if your lock uses Bluetooth. The hacker places a sniffer near your door. The hacker can access your lock when you use your smart lock as the gadget records and decodes the signal from the app. The difficulty with this type of hack, nevertheless, is that the hacker must be in close range to your lock. To prevent this, use a complex Bluetooth authentication system for your smart door lock.
  • Another way a hacker could access your smart lock is by first hacking your home Wi-Fi, then gaining access to your computer to find your lock's password if it's saved there. This is also difficult to do.To protect your lock, always use a strong, unpredictable Wi-Fi password. Avoid sharing your Wi-Fi password and use a secure smart hub. Don't use simple text passwords.
  • If someone gets your lock's password, they can easily open it. Hackers might gain access to your phone or computer where you've saved the password. To prevent this, delete sensitive information if your device is stolen. 'Find My Device' on Android phones allows you to remotely erase data.
  • Voice commands alone can make best smart locks insecure. Hackers can mimic your voice to gain access. To prevent this, use voice commands along with a PIN code.
  • Using a screwdriver to pry them open, one could harm smart locks. In the event that the lock contains an alarm that notifies you of tampering, this becomes more difficult. Make sure your lock is securely attached to your door.
  • Bugs in smart lock software can also lead to hacking. Hackers can exploit Bluetooth authentication flaws or plant viruses in the lock's app. To protect against this, keep your smart lock software updated and use reliable, secure apps.

Smart Locks Pros & Cons

Each smart lock has pros and cons. Here's some information to consider if you should get a smart lock or continue using a traditional one:


Carry less

With a smart lock, you won't need to carry a physical key around. You can unlock your door using an app on your phone or a PIN, depending on the kind.

Control access

Give guests unique codes instead of extra keys. You can always deactivate these codes. For instance, provide a contractor or dog groomer with a temporary code of your smart door lock. When you're not home, they have access to your home.

Keep track

You'll receive notifications whenever someone opens or closes your door. This can be useful for parents who want to know when their kids get home or if they leave at night.

Find your phone

You can track your smartphone using features like Find My Device on Android or Find My on iPhone. If you misplace the device that you use to operate your smart lock, this would work.



You won't be able to contact for assistance or open your smart lock if your smartphone's battery dies.


Unlike conventional locks, smart locks require software updates and replacements of the batteries.

Learning curve

If you're not comfortable with technology and don't want to learn, a traditional lock might be more suitable.

Connectivity issues 

It might be difficult to lock or open the door if your home's electricity or internet goes down, or in case you misplace your phone. Physical keys are often included with smart locks as a backup, although this is only useful if you carry the key around.


You might be questioning if the best smart door locks for front door are worth buying? They definitely are! Although they can be hacked, it's not simple to do so. By following the preventive steps we've mentioned earlier, you can make sure your smart door lock is very safe to use.



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