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Spend $100 Ship For Free! $10.25 Shipping For Orders Under $100

Regular Door Closer with Parallel Arm and Thru Bolts

by LCN
Original price $283.00
Original price $283.00 - Original price $283.00
Original price $283.00
Current price $112.92
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Current price $112.92

The is a high-quality surface-mounted door closer designed to provide reliable performance and durability for regular doors. Featuring a parallel arm and thru bolts, this closer is ideal for a variety of commercial and institutional applications.

Key features and benefits:

  • Adjustable closing force: The features an adjustable closing force, allowing you to customize the force required to close the door. This feature makes it easy to meet ADA requirements and ensures that the door will close properly every time.

  • Parallel arm: The parallel arm configuration allows for easy installation and ensures that the closer operates smoothly and efficiently.

  • Thru bolts: The closer comes with TBSRT thru bolts, which provide additional strength and stability to the installation.

  • Aluminum finish: The closer features a 689 aluminum finish, which is both attractive and highly durable.

  • Easy to install: The 1250RWPAAL is designed for easy installation and can be mounted on the surface of the door or frame.

  • Suitable for regular doors: This closer is ideal for use on regular doors, such as those found in office buildings, schools, hospitals, and other commercial and institutional facilities.

Overall, the Regular Door Closer with Parallel Arm and Thru Bolts is a top-quality door closer that offers reliable performance, durability, and ease of installation. With its adjustable closing force, parallel arm configuration, thru bolts, aluminum finish, and suitability for regular doors, this closer is an excellent choice for any commercial or institutional application.


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