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Spend $100 Ship For Free! $10.25 Shipping For Orders Under $100
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What is a sneeze guard?

2020 has been a whirlwind for the United States of America and the entire world. Since onset of COVID-19, companies all across the world have been forced to innovate and change how the operate. 

In the United States, sneeze guards started becoming a form of personal protection equipment companies such as Target, Walmart, Kroger, and other large retailers began installing at their registers to help stop the spread of coronavirus due to coughing and sneezing. But what is a sneeze guard? What is it made of?

A sneeze guard is simply a clear polycarbonate plastic or plexiglass used for the purpose of a sneeze guard for a variety of applications. The sneeze guards are also referred to as sneezing guards, acrylic sneeze guards, or plexiglass sneeze guards.

The TriShield Sneeze Guard by Trillium has been purchased by satisfied customers from all types of industries and applications:

  • Desktop sneeze guards for offices
  • Counter or countertop sneeze guards for a variety of applications such as doctor's offices, medical counters, or any higher countertop
  • Sneeze guards for nail salons
  • Sneeze guards for hospitality applications such as hotels and resorts
  • Sneeze guards for banks and credit unions

Buyer beware though - not all products are the same. You might find products less expensive but you are also getting less of a product. The TriShield is made of 1/4" crystal clear polycarbonate when competing products are made out of a 1/8" flimsy plexiglass. Our engineers tested the 1/8" products and found they are easy to tip over and more susceptible to breaking.

Our most popular sneeze guard is our 24" x 24" model here. As a bonus, use code NOW10 for 10% off your purchase which already includes free shipping. 

Order today and make sure you protect your employees, customers, and brand!


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