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How to Manually Lock Garage Door?

How to Manually Lock Garage Door?

Have you ever had a garage door that will not close by itself? Putting your family and belongings in danger of being broken into? Fear not! Manually shutting your garage door is a simple and reliable technique to ensure everyone's safety. In this blog post, we'll explain how to manually lock garage door. 

What is manual garage door lock?

An internal lock located next to the handle of a garage door is called a manual garage door lock. It frequently works with openers for automated garage doors. Even with the opener engaged, the door cannot open while the manual lock is engaged. These locks are frequently seen on older garage doors and in locations where security is a priority. Although it is annoying to forget to unlock them before attempting to open the door that they successfully deter burglars.

How to Check whether Your Garage Door Is Locked?

If you're unsure whether your garage door is fully closed, check it manually. Here's how to do it:

  1. Examine the latch or handle while standing in front of the door. When it's in the "locked" position, it's safely locked.
  2. In the event that your garage door handle or latch is key-locked and linked to an automated opener, you will need to manually lock it using the key.
  3. Check if the door is locked by turning the key in any direction.
  4. Your door is not locked safely if the handle is in the unlocked position. To fix this issue, physically lock the door using a key or a lockable handle.
  5. Place the key in lock and turn it clockwise to lock the garage door manually. This should lock the door and  prevent anyone from opening it without the key or code.

Locking your garage door manually makes sure that no one else can easily get into your home and take away your things. These simple but important steps help keep you safe and protected.

How to Manually Lock Garage Door?

It's crucial for security purposes to lock your garage door manually and you should do it right. Here's how to do it:

1. Locate the Manual Lock

Find the manual lock on the bottom of your garage door opener, near the ground. It's usually a small hole.

2. Insert a Key or Tool

Once you've found the manual lock, insert a key or a similar tool into the hole. This will let you turn the manual lock to secure the door.

3. Check the Door

To ensure that the door is properly locked after locking it, give it a light tug. If so, you should manually lock your garage door.

Important Reminder

Never forget that an automated system provides a higher level of security than manually locking your garage door. Use the manual lock alongside with any additional security measures you have got installed. You'll safeguard your house and have piece of mind if you take this action.

Significance of Locking Your Garage Door Manually

You can feel more at ease knowing that your garage door is locked, even though it might not seem required for home security.

Securely Fasten Your Door

Manually locking your door ensures it stays securely fastened and won't accidentally open.

Prevent Unauthorized Access

Locking your garage door manually stops unauthorized people from getting in without a key.

Control Access

Manually locking lets you quickly check who's entering the area, as the door needs to be shut and locked manually.

Ensure Intruder Detection

Manually locking ensures only those with access can enter, making it hard for intruders to go unnoticed.

Control Door Opening

Locking the garage door track manually lets you decide when it's open or closed, requiring someone to unlock it to open manually.

Prevent Accidental Entry

The manual locking system for your garage door helps prevent accidental or unauthorized entry, requiring physical unlocking.

Drawbacks of Opening a Garage Door Manually

The following are some drawbacks of manually unlocking a door:

It’s a Hassle

Every time you need to enter or exit, having to manually unlock your door can be inconvenient.

You Might Forget

Your home could be at risk if you neglect to manually lock your door if you're not used to doing so.

Your Garage Door Could Get Stuck

You could have to wait to be rescued inside or outdoors if the system jams.

Although manually locking your garage door may seem inconvenient, it's crucial for the security of your house. To protect your family and belongings against attackers, make sure you have a robust lock and remember to use it.


We hope that these guidelines have helped you understand the significance of manually locking your garage door. By doing this, you may assist in ensuring the safety of your family, house, and possessions.Even if you unlock it using an electronic device or keypad, don't forget to make sure it's locked. Manually locking a garage door may significantly increase security and safety and only takes a few seconds. Make careful to carry out this task each time you leave your home!


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