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How to Lock Bifold Doors?

How to Lock Bifold Doors?

When considering your home, ensuring safety ranks among the highest priorities. Security concerns often deter homeowners from installing external bifold door locks. Yet, it's a misconception that bifold doors are less secure than traditional patio or French doors. With proper precautions, they can offer one of the most secure solutions for the rear of your home.

What is Bifold?

Bifold doors are composed of several panels that fold accordion-style when opened, providing a spacious entrance and seamless integration between indoor and outdoor areas. When shut, the panels neatly stack to one side, optimizing space.

Is Using Bifold Doors Safe?

Despite common belief, bifold doors are not magnets for thieves. While burglars may occasionally target conservatories due to their perceived lack of security or construction quality, the security of bifold doors themselves does not influence their decision. In fact, bifold doors are typically more challenging to break into compared to standard French or sliding doors.

How to Lock Bifold Doors?

Locking a bifold door is straightforward. Start by lifting the handle to engage the locking points. When you turn the key or thumb, the various points of the multipoint locking system will slide into position, providing a secure closure. When properly positioned, it becomes extremely challenging to open the door without a key.

You can add security screen doors to your bifold doors outside for extra safety. These screens let you keep your bifold doors open and still feel safe. So, they're great for hot summers. Bifold security screens are like mesh doors. You can put them in front of or behind your existing bifold doors. They're popular in hot places where people want to keep their doors open at night. They look nice, block UV rays, keep dust out, and help air circulate. These screens come in different types and are easy to install and clean. But they might seem costly unless you live somewhere sunny.

Secure a Bifold Door Using Easy Childproof Locks

If you have young children at home, it's important to take extra care to keep doors and cabinets safe. You can use easy zip-tie locks to keep kids from opening bifold doors. Put each loop of the lock around a knob or handle, then bring the loops together and zip them up to lock the door. To open the door, press the lock release.

How to Replace Door Handles on Bifold Door?

  1. Decide on the placement of your new handle. It should be easily accessible without causing uneven pressure on the door. Usually, it's best to keep it in the same position chosen by the manufacturer for optimal functionality.
  2. With the door open, unscrew the old doorknobs from both sides.
  3. Insert the replacement cylinder and securely screw it into place. It's recommended to have the replacement handle ready before starting the process.

Adding Bolts to Bifold Doors for Extra Security

To make bifold doors more secure, you can add surface bolts. These bolts are attached to the front of the door near the edge opposite the hinges. Install the strike plates for the bolts on the frame or wall above the doors. You can slide the bolts up and down to lock or unlock the door. Consider using longer bolts if you are shorter and find it hard to reach.

Choosing the Right Bifold Door Lock

Naturally your bifold doors should be secure. But they should also be easy for you and your family to open them. That's why it's important to choose a pretty good lock for extra security. While adding security locks to bifold doors might mean spending a bit more, the added safety they provide makes them a worthwhile investment for both your peace of mind and your safety. Here are a few types of locks available:

Twin Point

A twin point lock features a handle located at the center of your bifold doors, allowing operation from both the top and bottom. It's a sleek and stylish option that secures the doors with a single movement. This system offers various finishes, styles, and combinations.

Drop Bolts

Drop bolts have a more imposing appearance and enhance the security of your bifold doors. However, we don't recommend relying solely on them for security. These locks are versatile, with customizable lengths, and can be easily installed by those with basic DIY skills.

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are notably more secure and are often included in multi-point security setups. They can be operated using a key or a twist locking mechanism from the inside.

Childproof Locks

Designed to keep young children safe, childproof locks come in various forms. For instance, a simple zip-tie lock can be used by wrapping loops around each doorknob and zipping them together. Alternatively, top-mount child locks provide enhanced security by locking both single and double doors simultaneously, fitting over the top of the door to prevent it from opening.


Consider installing a home security system if security is a concern for you. But we've discovered that, unless you live in a high-crime area, they may occasionally be more of a pain than a benefit. But it's your call. Either way, we hope we've shown you that security systems and bifold doors can work together just fine.

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