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A New Way to Buy Services

A New Way to Buy Services is a new way to buy services for your restaurant or business. Backed by years of experience from serving commercial locations all over the country - we realized the current system of ordering services online is broken. Here's how it goes:

  • You identify a problem at your restaurant or business
  • You go to Google, our modern day Yellow Pages to find a contractor
  • You call the contractor
  • You wait
  • You explain your situation and book an appointment
  • You don't feel confident your contractor will show up
  • You call another contractor, no answer.
  • You call your third contractor and book another appointment.
  • The first contractor missed the appointment.
  • You call your third contractor to confirm he will show up tomorrow between 1 & 3 PM.
  • It's not tomorrow now at 4 and they didn't show up. No call, no show.
  • After seeking counseling for your anger, you start the process all over again.

This happens all the time! The process to get work done is outdated and clunky. Your time is valuable so we've streamlined it for you.

With TrilliumNow, you can purchase your services on demand, get scheduled quickly, and work with a team of dedicated professionals who truly care about you.

TrilliumNow will change the way services are ordered for your restaurant or business so that you can reclaim back what is most important, your time.


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