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3 Items Schools Need During the Era of COVID-19

3 Items Schools Need During the Era of COVID-19

It’s time to go back to school - and in 2020, this season requires even more thought and planning than usual. In the era of COVID-19, it’s tough to know what to expect. School districts and universities across the nation are being forced to make time-sensitive decisions, including plans and back-up plans to accommodate a multitude of scenarios, including in-person education or virtual education (or some combination thereof) - all the while also developing a strategy to meet social distancing and intense sanitization requirements. All of this must be carefully planned for in the midst of some of the toughest budget cutbacks our schools have seen.

Nonetheless, Labor Day is approaching and decisions must be made. School districts and universities must strike a balance between staying within a limited budget and making PPE purchases that will help keep students, faculty, and administration safe. With this in mind, we have compiled a limited list of budget-friendly PPE and sanitization items to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Face Shields

face shield

Face shields are a piece of clear, rigid plastic that is typically attached to a headband. The clear plastic shields the face from the forehead to below the chin. Like face masks, face shields offer protection from spreading respiratory droplets from person to person - with the additional benefit of also protecting the eyes.

While they can be worn along, face shields can also accommodate a face mask being worn underneath. While there is still some debate as to the effectiveness of face shields alone, many school districts and universities are offering these as an alternative to mandatory cloth masks. In fact, some school districts prefer this option, as they allow the entire face to be visible. This is important for students with hearing issues, who rely on reading lips, as well as students with autism spectrum disorders who need to see the mouth to help read and understand social cues.

Beyond their use on students, face shields are ideal for teachers, professors, administration, and food workers at schools and universities. 

Our latex-free 9.5” x 9.5” face shields can be purchased in bulk and are currently on sale on our website.

Sneeze Guards

sneeze guard

Sneeze guards, also called sneeze shields, are clear polycarbonate plastic or plexiglass structures used to act as a barrier between two people, decreasing the chance for bacteria and viruses to spread between them. If you’ve been through a fast-food drive through or checkout at a grocery or drugstore since March, there was likely a sneeze guard standing between you and the cashier. 

In a school or university setting, sneeze guards are an excellent way to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses like it. There are a large variety of sizes and shapes of sneeze guards available, offering versatility in how they can be used. In smaller classrooms where students’ proximity must be closer, 24” x 24” sneeze guards fit perfectly on a desk, offering an additional layer of protection between students. Sneeze guards are also idea for areas of close contact, like the school lunch room or college cafeteria, where sneeze guards with a pass through allow for the exchange of payment (but not viruses!)

If you need additional help deciding which sneeze guards are best suited for your needs, read our blog on the topic here.

Hand Sanitizer Stands 

One of the first items to sell out nationally when COVID-19 debuted in the United States was hand sanitizer. This was, of course, because it was widely reported that a majority of cases of the coronavirus, and other infections like it, come from hand-to-face contact. The bottom line: if you can keep your hands clean (and avoid touching your face!), you are less likely to contract COVID-19. Though the best way to keep hands clean is with gold old fashioned soap and water, hand sanitizer is a good alternative when the former are not available.

Keeping hand sanitizer stands available is a good way to mitigate the spread of viral infections through hand-to-face contact. Ideally, at least one hand sanitizer stand should be placed in every classroom. In areas that typically hold larger volumes of people, like lecture halls or cafeterias, two or more stands placed at the entries and exits is appropriate.

TrilliumNOW offers 70” hand sanitizer stands in four finishes, with the option of adding touchless dispensers. They are for both indoor and outdoor use. Hand sanitizer is also available for bulk purchase. 

Your Partner in Trying Times

As we all navigate the changes and uncertainty around us, TrilliumNOW is here to serve you!  Visit to view all of our personal protective and sanitization equipment including sneeze guards, hand sanitizer stands, face shields, and more. Have specific questions on our products? Call us at 888-358-0002.

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